ME: Terminus Campaign Walkthrough

We’ll take the campaign system out for a quick spin, using the random generators with all the trimmings.

First, we’ve got to pick our objective. We start by rolling 2d6 on the Objective table (Pg.77).

  • We got Pursue; evidently our plucky band are hot on the heels of an as-yet anonymous foe. We get the following bonus: Nominate 1 Ace model and 1 Grunt squad. The selected units always deploy first, irrespective of the mission’s deployment rules.

The final mission of the campaign will be an Escape mission as the Attacker.

Just for simplicty’s sake, we’ll go for a 3 Jump campaign, the shortest default option available.

I’ve picked 250pts for our starting points value, just to keep things simple.

Before creating my Aces and grabbing some Grunts, we’ve got to create a ship for them to travel in.

We’ll take a Medium-sized vessel (21pts), with a transport capacity of 15 and 3 attachments. I’ve chosen the following attachments.

  • Shuttle Hangar: Reserves may deploy anywhere on the battlefield, providing they are 8″ away from enemy units. (6pts)
  • Tactical LADAR Arrays: Choose whether to deploy first or second, regardless of scenario rules (5pts)
  • Tactical VI: Once-per-game buff to one unit’s shooting and initiative. (7pts)
    The total points spent on our ship is 39pts, leaving us 211pts to spend on our troops.

Our ship is definitely not a warship, lacking any direct damage or drone-launching capacity, but it gives our small force a tonne of tactical flexibility and support on the battlefield.

The rules for Building an Army on Pg.17 state that we need at least one Ace unit, and that we have a total of 125pts to spend on Aces, with the remainder for Grunts.

Our first Ace is going to be an Asari (12pts), born to a Turian father on Pharos. She is a Mercenary, giving her additional +1 Marksmanship and Constitution. We add 5pts to her points value, and gain the following special rules:

  • Soldier of Fortune: We can hire this Ace out for a number of days to gain additional credits.
  • Self Preservation: This Ace can fall back additional distance if she breaks.

We roll 3d100 for her traits and quirks, gaining the following:

  • Diseased
  • Lifelong Spacer
  • Extensive Tattoos

We gain 4500 credits to spend on her characteristics, weapons and gear.

  • 2x Additional Wounds, (600 Credits, 3pts)
  • 1x Additional Initiative, (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • 1x Additional Agility, (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • 1x Additional Constitution, (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • Light Armour (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • Medium Kinetic Barrier (300 Credits, 3pts)
  • Level 2 Biotic Implant (300 Credits, 3pts)
    • Reave (600 Credits, 6pts)
    • Stasis (300 Credits, 3pts)
  • Omni-Tool with Basic Functions (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • Breather Helmet (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • Polarized Visor (200 Credits, 2pts)
  • Magnetic Soles (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • Assault Rifle (300 Credits, 3pts)
    • Shredder Ammunition (100 Credits, 1pt)
    • Armour Piercing Ammunition (300 Credits, 3pts)

Total Points and Credit Cost: 3,400 Credits, 51pts

We add the remaining 1,100 Credits to our ship’s account, and deduct 51pts from our remaining points.

We’ve got a fantastic leader for our little band; a tattooed biotic-wielding Asari with some crippling pathogen running through her veins, selling her services to the highest bidder to satiate her death-wish.

Next, we need a second in command for our company.

We’ll use the Batarian base profile (5pts), born to deep in the heart of the fractured Terminus Systems to parents unknown. A Professional Soldier, he gains +1 Marksmanship and Initiative. We add 5pts to his overall cost and the following special abilities:

  • Marksmanship Drills: He may re-roll any failed Marksmanship tests.
  • Commanding Presence: Grunts within 6″ may use his Grit for morale checks.

We roll 3d100 for his traits and quirks:

  • Hoader
  • Maimed
  • Prothean Preoccupation

We gain 3000 credits to spend on his characteristics, weapons and gear.

  • 1x Additional Wound (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • 2x Additional Grit (250 Credits, 2pts)
  • 1x Additional Initiative (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • Heavy Armour (300 Credits, 3pts)
  • Medium Kinetic Barrier (300 Credits, 3pts)
  • Omni-Tool with Basic Functions (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • Breather Helmet (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • Magnetic Soles (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • Ablative-Ceramic Armour (300 Credits, 3pts)
  • Shotgun (500 Credits, 5pts)
    • Incendiary Ammunition (300 Credits, 3pts)
    • Shredder Ammunition (100 Credits, 1pt)
  • 2x Flashbang Grenades (600 Credits, 6pts)

Total Points and Credit Cost: 3150 Credits, 41pts

We’ve overspent slightly, so we deduct 150 Credits from our ship’s account to cover the distance, leaving 950 Credits to carry forward.

Including our two Aces and the cost of the ship, we’ve spent 131pts, leaving 119 to spend on Grunt squads.

Our first pick is a Mercenary Combat Team, composed of a Krogan and 2 Batarians (84pts)

  • The Krogan is armed with a Shotgun (2pts)

Total Points Cost: 86pts

Our second pick is the Pirate Ship Crew, composed of a 5 Batarians (40pts)

We’ve dipped into the last of our credits to fit out the ship crew, leaving us with 250 Credits in our account to carry forward into the game.

Background-wise, we seem to have ended up in command of a squadron of mercenaries, complete with their own ship. Evidently, they’ve been hired out to chase down a target and terminate them.

Now, we jump straight into the action, generating our first battle. We’re playing a Contact objective as the Defender, against Moderate Opposition.

We’ll be fighting in Hard Vaccuum (Pg. 16). Our plucky protagonists are in hot pursuit of a local shipping magnate, who’s excessive lobbying has brought the Citadel fleet into this corner of the Terminus systems. A spy in the Magnate’s camp intended to meet the mercenaries in the heart of a space station, but after a firefight with the Magnate’s private army, our protagonists find themselves battling across the station’s exterior fabric.

The mole was killed in the crossfire, cut down by an errant burst of rifle fire from one of the mercenaries, his lifeless corpse drifting off into the blackness of space. With the contact dead, both sides attempted to exfiltrate, dodging sporadic gunfire and wayward grenades. Our motley crew managed to escape, but not wholly unscathed.

We lost 2 of the Batarian crewmen, and our second in command was taken out of action by a keen-eyed marksman.

The Jump Sequence continues with a roll on the post-game Injury table, maiming our unfortunate Batarian Ace.

  • A lucky injury roll means that he’ll only be out of action for 4 days.
  • The sniper’s bullet has pulped the flesh and bone of his leg, giving him a -1″ penalty to movement and a -1 penalty to his constitution.

We roll for both Aces to see how much they’ve been able to earn this Jump.

Unfortunately, a couple of low rolls mean we’ve only earned 700 Credits, giving us a balance of 950 credits to spend this turn.

  • 500 Credits are spent on a Good Qaulity prosthetic for our injured Ace, removing all of the penalties caused by his injury.

The remaining 450 credits are kept in the ship’s account for emergencies.

Next, we roll the ship event for this jump sequence:

  • Our supplies have become tainted, reducing everyone’s constitution by 1 for the next battle.

Our Asari Ace spends her time calibrating her weapon, it won’t overheat in the next battle.

The calendar advances by 6 days, bringing our Batarian Ace back to full health, and we jump to the next system.

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