We’re diving back into Ivan Sorenson’s excellent World War 2 skirmish game: Five Men in Normandy. Following the release of the .30 Cal edition and the acquisition of some questionable pulp fiction, I’ve decided to produce a narrative campaign system that throws players into the midst of the Wehrmacht’s retreat from Leningrad.

Army Group North is in full retreat. Overloaded trucks and tanks stream towards the Panther Line, with columns of dejected landsers trudging in their wake.

The offensive launched in December ‘43 shattered the Wehrmacht’s tenuous hold on the city and allowed the Red Army to relieve the city’s emaciated inhabitants.

Abandoning tonnes of military materiel, the crippled Army Group North races for the battered remains of the Panther Line at Narva.

Blitzfreeze will force you to choose between eating or having enough ammunition for the next battle – bartering away your last bullets for a bite to eat.

As your band of desperate men succumb to stress and exhaustion, these choices get harder and the new front line seems to get further and further away.

Hopefully the final release will be up on WargameVault early next year, and I’m excited to share it with you.

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