Wanderer Productions is a passion project of mine, one that I’ve nurtured through the course of two degrees and a couple of years of work. I’m driven by a constant need to innovate and create, to design products that are both engaging and challenging, showcasing the best tabletop wargaming has to offer.

I spent much of my childhood playing Warhammer and the Lord of the Rings: SBG against my friends, occasionally dabbling in Necromunda and Mordheim, thoroughly cementing my love of narrative-driven skirmish wargames.

My first foray into game design was alongside Ivan from Nordic Weasel, producing expansions for his smash-hit FiveCore series, culminating in the production of Chevauchee – a medieval skirmish game underpinned by FiveCore mechanics.

Since then, I’ve worked on a whole slew of products – many still in development. I’m incredibly excited to start expanding my library and begin sharing my creations with the wider community.

Thanks for your continued support,

Tom Mecredy, 2017