Cry Havoc! Chevauchee 2e

Tom’s been burning the candle at both ends to put the finishing touches to Chevauchee 2e – a brand new skirmish wargame from Wanderer Productions and Nordic Weasel Games!


Based on the best-selling FiveCore system, Chevauchée brings a new dimension to skirmish wargaming in the medieval period.

Chev Example Guy“Greetings, my liege. I am Sir Edward Cobbham of Beeston in the fine county of Nottinghamshire. I have been summoned to guide you through  this new edition of Chevauchee. In the manuscript, I have illustrated the rules with examples, acted out by two of my retainers – Bardolph and Pistol. “

The second edition revises and expands upon the original system, creating a truly unique gaming experience that combines fast-paced skirmish action with dynamic campaigns.

Set during the turmoil of the Hundred Years War, the book contains all the rules you need to start gaming this remarkable period of medieval history.

We’re currently in the process of putting the game through its paces,  ensuring you get an incredible gaming experience from the very start!

Chevauchee 2e will be available as a PDF download from WargameVault this summer!

Keep checking back for an introduction to the game’s core mechanics and background!