Blitzfreeze: A Five Men in Normandy campaign supplement

The latest addition to our ever-expanding product line!

Blitzfreeze is a narrative campaign expansion for Five Men in Normandy, building on the fantastically successful combat mechanics to give players the tools to create narratives worthy of the silver screen.

Players will take command of a desperate band of unlikely heroes against the encroaching Red Army and the bone-chilling winter weather.


Blitzfreeze is a game of tough decisions where your tactical choices have ramifications that affect the whole campaign.

The Swift Sword

Currently in development, the Swift Sword is a swashbuckling romp into the Paris of Alexandre Dumas’ Three Musketeers, giving players the ability to tell their own stories against the colourful background of religious strife and civil unrest.

Using a unique card-based combat system, the Swift Sword is a skirmish game like no other.

Mass Effect: Terminus

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, and the lack of tabletop products in this franchise inspired me to fill this gaping hole in the market.

Using fast-paced skirmish rules, Terminus allows players to create forces from 9 different factions and lead them into a diverse range of scenarios. The game encapsulates the frenetic, tactical combat that set the video games apart from its competitors.

Fire and Fang: Dragon Slaying in Miniature

Fire and Fang grew out of a thought experiment written for a job application, melding classic multiplayer boardgame mechanics with the more granular nature of tabletop wargames.

It pits players against each other in a battle for survival in the lair of a fearsome dragon.

On Saimhain’s Eve: Chevauchee Fantasy Supplement

We followed the release of Chevauchee with On Saimhain’s Eve, a dark fantasy expansion rooted in the folklore of the British Isles and the broader influences of medieval mythology.

It added a whole swathe of fearsome monsters and heroic abilities, along with a whole new campaign system, allowing players to undertake epic quests in the vein of classic fantasy literature.

Chevauchee: Medieval Skirmish Campaigns

Chevauchee was written in collaboration with Ivan from Nordic Weasel Games. Our goal was to convert FiveCore’s existing mechanics from a quasi-modern setting to a representation of medieval warfare.

The game builds on what made FiveCore successful, emphasizing quick resolution and dynamic gameplay, underpinned by narrative-focused campaign mechanics.

FiveCore: Gang Wars

A little bit of Wanderer Productions history, Gang Wars represents my first foray into tabletop games design, attempting to build on existing design elements within the FiveCore system and create a set of narrative tools to allow players to build their own criminal empire, or fight out post-heist gun battles with the LAPD.